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  1. Deb L says:


    Because of a family history of dental problems with aging, as well as my need to constantly drink water because of dry mouth syndrome I have in association with several medications I must take, and which do not have any alternate medicines that would not cause my dry mouth problem, I may be considering getting teeth implants.

    Right now, due to an unexpected tooth loss during intubation for general anesthesia several years ago, my upper right front tooth is an implant.
    Aside from that one implant, I have 6 natural upper teeth to the left of the upper right front tooth implant,and 5 natural upper teeth to the upper right of the front right implant. I do have a small jaw, so would it be necessary to create a full set of implants that would mean more individual teeth in my upper jaw than I currently have?

    I really don’t see any reason why the same number of upper jaw implanted teeth as now exist in natural tooth form and number, aside from the one implant, would be sufficient for my needs. I am a female, I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and I am 61 years old. Also, I do have a left hip implant, so pretreatment profilactic administration of a broad spectrum, high single does antibiotic has always been my protocol regarding dental procedures as my hip replacement specialist did tell me it is possible for a minor infection introduced during a dental procedure can end up setting in the hip implant area. Seems unusual, but I have had this told to me by several different physicians, so I follow instructions to avoid the possible unthinkable complication requiring replacing the current hip implant…assuming the infection hasn’t done too much damage before the hip implant replacement surgery can take place.

    OK, on my bottom teeth, I have several problems. About 10 years ago, my dentist removed 4 or 5 of my front lower teeth due to gum line decay issues. I have almost no tissue space between the inner side of my lower lip and where the upper most portion of my gum line both sit. This has meant this area has been a true holiday park for cavity producing bacteria. So at that time, the dentist pulled either 4 or 5 of those very small and cavity prone at the gum line lower front teeth, and then placed a fixed bridge in the space where he remove the lower center front teeth.

    That worked fine until just last year. I began running a fever of unknown origin. No doctor could find anything to prescribe to me to bring my fever down. I had no areas of pain, and standard medical tests ruled out the most likely causes. But then coincidentally, I had an annual dental checkup.

    The dentist took new x-rays, and lo and behold, I had a very serious abscess under the tooth on the left side where the fixed bridge was attached. I guess because that tooth was covered with a tooth like material that formed that side of the overall bridge, I couldn’t see any cavities starting, and with no pain to speak of, and obviously no way to get a tooth brush into the area that had become so infected, that tooth the bridge attached to had to be pulled. The infection that did remain in the now empty tooth socket took a month to clear up and for the gums in that area to begin to show any signs of closing and healing.

    At present, I do have a removable device for my lower front teeth, but I only wear it when absolutely necessary such as when going out. My dentist tells me that this device is not meant to be a permanent solution by any means.

    Therefore, most of the time, although no one can see this, I simply go without any teeth in the lower front area of my jaw. My specific facial structure has always meant that my lower teeth, even when I am talking or smiling remain behind my bottom lip. As such, and when just around family, I am not self conscious about this. It is mostly an irritation when I am attempting to eat something that is best done when one has both upper and lower teeth to use for certain kinds of food.

    But I am considering a full set of lower implants as well. Having had my wisdom teeth removed about 48 years ago now, and again because I do have a small jaw structure, the number of my remaining lower teeth equal 4 on the left back and 4 on the right back side. Did I say the dentist pulled either 4 or 5 of my bottom center teeth before placing a fixed bridge into that area about 10 years ago?

    I do not know how many lower jaw teeth a person is supposed to have, but to me there is no sense in creating number of implants for my lower jaw that includes any more teeth than have comfortably fit in my mouth, top and bottom, for the better part of my life.

    I did have orthodontics work done in my late 20’s and the dentist then did need to pull I believe two existing teeth in order to make enough room for all of the remaining teeth to align over time with the help of the orthodontic appliances.

    So, while I can read what you are now charging per tooth implant, how can I figure what my cost would be given the issues I do have at present with already having one implant, and also having lived the better part of my life with a few less teeth than most people have because for me, while I have a smallish jaw, evidiently some of those 2nd molars were quite large and had to go if all of my other teeth were to have a fair chance of aligning nicely.

    I don’t mean to take up your time with this long email and then to have to ask you to help me figure out what, given my situations and issues, what my total costs for implants to replace all remaining teeth would amount to in US Dollars.

    Thank you for your time in reading my lengthy attempt to make my situation understood to that it could be considered with the best input possible for cost and treatment considerations in my case.

    With admiration,


    • admin says:

      Hello Deb,

      Wow, you have posted a great detail of your situation. I have forwarded your info to the dental clinic and you will be hearing back directly from them. Also, I sent you some videos of the clinic and other info to help you see what things look like in Costa Rica at the clinic.


  2. Sujaie Camacho? says:

    I need 5 implants 2 on top 3 on bottom. How long with this take to get? How many visits are required. And what are the average rates?

    • admin says:

      The length of time it would take for 5 implants depends on your bone structure. For me, I was getting implants in bone that had been bridged across for 39 years so the bone had atrophied. The Dr. had to do a sinus lift and bone graft to build the bone back up. He put the implants in during that process and then I returned in 6 months when the crowns were put on.

      If you have xrays or a dental plan that you can email me, I will forward it to the Dr. and he can give you a BETTER idea. The BEST way to determine whether you are a candidate for immediate implants is for the doctor to examine you.

      The way I looked at it was that I knew I needed implants – my local dentist had already made that determination – and having learned about the hugely popular and successful dental care in Costa Rica and the money I would save, I decided to take the risk.

      And when you are going somewhere that you don’t know about for dental or medical care, it certainly seems like a risk. Looking back, it wasn’t any more of a risk than going to my local dentist. I say that because it’s the dentist that determines the risk, not the country where the dentist is.

      After I went, I saw the need for information about a Costa Rica dental vacation, that’s why I started this blog. If you’d like to call me to discuss my experiences, feel free to call me at 865 466.9207

      Kurt Gross

  3. nate says:

    i’m looking for total price for six complete implants done in one trip, preferably. . . Nate at mychiefs58

    • admin says:

      Hello Nate,

      Did you look at the prices at this site? You can click on to see them.

      If you have xrays and/or a dental plan that you can send me, I’ll forward it to the Dr. and then he can let you know more specific information. Of course a dentist who has examined you is the best way to determine what you need. You can do that locally and then decide where to get the work done.

      Feel free to call me if you’d like to discuss this more.

      Kurt Gross

  4. Sue Heath says:

    I have one tooth that I had pulled and a partial put in. I’ve never been able to wear this partial – it gave me headaches. So I would like to get a quote for an implant.
    Thank you.

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