Casa Laurin

I will be returning in December to complete my Costa Rica dental implants process.

One fortunate thing that happened to us on our return trip in June was that the last leg of our flight home was over booked, so they offered a comp for anyone who would volunteer to take the next flight.

We offered to volunteer, but as a couple, and Delta accepted, so we spent the night in a nearby hotel and left on the next flight at about 8am instead of the 9pm flight we were originally scheduled for.

The “comp” was for $800, so that has come handy in paying for my return flight to get my crowns placed on my implants.

I look forward to see our friends, Ginette, and Charlie, and of course Dottie, the local mascot at the Casa Laurin.

If you are ever traveling to Costa Rica for dental implants, or for any reason, you will want to stay at the B&B Casa Laurin.  It is top notch, the breakfasts are fabulous and the tropical plants and birds in the back yard add a nice touch to the place.

We decided it was our “home away from home” when we traveled in Costa Rica and returned for dental care appointments.

To see pictures of our trip in June and catch any details about the trip, etc., visit Costa Rica Dental Implants

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Aug 26, 2011 @ 6:39

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