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Marilyn, sorry about your bad experience with Prisma, and thank you for sharing it. I was considering them too. I need a sinus lift, mandibular bone graft, and many implants. I emailed several dentist, and was surprised to find out all of them do bone graft and implant placement at the same time.
It is not recommended here in US. Especially for the sinus lift.

All of them are using the cheapest bone graft (bovine), which normally takes at least 8-12 month to integrate in the bone. This type of the bone graft has higher failure rate, and is not as well researched as allograft (cadaver) bone graft mostly used in US. The best bone graft is your own bone, but it is not often used even here, because of possible additional
complication, and much higher costs.

I did an extensive researched on the dental implants, as you can see. I am tempted to go to Costa Rica or elsewhere, because there is no way I will ever will be able to afford $60,000 on my teeth (that’s what I was quoted here).

There are only five surgeons recognized in Costa Rica to do Bone grafts. I also had a horrible experience with PRISMA dental, and would advise others to run from them. They are very skilled at using the Internet for their benefit, but they do not have the training and skills for dental implants.

The dentist you used Kurt is one of only five dentists recognized by the colegia of Cirujanos in Costa Rica ( the college of surgeons).


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