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If you are like me when I was first looking into the idea of going to Costa Rica for dental care, your head just might be ready to spin off!

I searched online for months, and had narrowed my selection down to two dentists, the one a friend’s friend had gone to and one that I thought was especially qualified.

I ended up picking the latter one, the specialist, because of several reasons, but his reputation and that his practice had a personal dental coordinator who was available to us for questions, local customs, getting around, etc.

To inquire about our trip, my Costa Rica dentist, Costa Rica dentistry in general or anything about travel arrangements, local customs, etc. you are welcome to contact us.

Kurt & Martha Gross
Knoxville, TN USA
865-466-9207 [call or text]

To make personal contact with us, go to the Contact Us link or call (or text) direct. We are in the eastern time zone and you are welcome to call between 11am and 11pm at 865-466-9207 or email us at and we will be in touch to answer your questions about our Costa Rica Dental vacation.

Remember: Our service includes your own personal, in-country guides – Kurt and Martha in the USA, Ginette for Canada, and Charlie and Eduardo in Costa Rica. We are available to you, 24/7 for your added convenience and security. No one else offers this personal concierge service and there is no additional cost for this. This is a personal service that only our dentists offer for those interested in Costa Rica Dental Tourism.

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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jay Junior says:

    Hello I am wanting to know pricing for mini dental implants or implants. I also would like to know if you all use Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

  2. Larry E. King says:

    Needing some bridge work done. I thought I would check in and see what the prices looked like in Costa Rica. I have been doing some research but thought I might follow up with you first and see what recommendations you might have. My insurance will pay for a partial but I am not interested in that. I live North of you…just over the Kentucky State line.

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