Costa Rica Dental Implants Favorite Products

I am not a Dentist. But I know a good one when I sit in their dental chair because I’ve had waaaaay too much experience at that, sad to say! And I know good products when I use them myself.

I personally recommend these:

costa rica dental implants favorite products, dental faucet irrigator    This aerator will amaze you!

It looks complicated to install but it took me about 5 minutes to attach it to my bathroom sink faucet. I unscrewed the aerator, screwed the on/off valve on and then screwed the original aerator to that.

And talk about pressure! I’ve never done it but I’m sure I could cut myself with the fine spray that comes out if it’s turned up, so be sure to start off slow, test it, and by all means, keep this away from kids or pranksters. You could peel the paint off of your wall if you’re not careful! Nothing I have used gets my teeth as clean as this.

I have made special arrangements with the manufacturer to get these at wholesale. If you would like one contact me for details and pricing.

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