Types of Dental Implants

There are two types of dental implants for your Costa Rica dental vacation in dealing with any tooth loss:

One method is a two-stage procedure (most recommended):
In your first trip for dental implants abroad, Dr. Mario, a dental implant dentist, will need you there from 5 to 8 business days and your dental care in Costa Rica will be done.

This may include extraction, implant surgery, temporary teeth and some possible other treatment you may need.  After this, you go home for 3 or 4 months so the implants can osseous-integrate to your bone.  Later, you return for 8 to 12 business days for the final fabrication of your new porcelain crowns over your implants.  Sometimes less time is needed. These are safe estimates. The time required will depend on how many dental implants you will need.

A second method is the Immediate Loading Implant:
When you come to Dr. Mario’s Clinic for the first appointment, he will tell you if you are a good candidate to have an Immediate Loading Implant.

You will get the dental implant plus the abutment and the crown will be placed in the same trip.  This can be a 6 to 8 business day process.  Time will depend on how many implants and crowns you require.

Brand of Implants

Dr. Mario uses the Zimmer Implants. He prefers the Zimmer implant because of the internal strength and anti-rotational design.  Please check with your local dentist and he will be able to tell you that the Zimmer implant is the best on the market today.

Dental implants can be used with bridges or with crowns, therefore less implants are needed to cover a more expansive area.  The brand is very important because some implants are not universal, therefore they can’t be repaired or worked on by all dentists.

Also you want an implant that comes with a life time warranty which means they can be replaced at no cost for the implants.  And lastly, you want a dentist who will replace your implant if the need arises and not charge for his service as he will stand behind his work.

Dr. Mario has placed over 15,000 implants but has been doing so almost 20 years.  You may also qualify for dental implant insurance claims as Dr. Mario is Blue Cross authorized.

Contact us with your questions and we will help you get the information together so that we can set up a time for you and Dr. Mario to speak about your needs.

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