Costa Rica Dental Prices

My concierge services cost you nothing and do not add any costs to your dental bill. You pay the same whether you use our service or not. See no-cost personal concierge services.

Consumer Beware: Consider both what you PAY and what you GET.
When I decided to go to Costa Rica for dental care it was to save money. However, I did not want to cut corners in a place where the prices were already low. I wanted high quality care so I chose the best. Looking only at prices is a disaster waiting to happen!.

The Costa Rica Dental Prices below are in US Dollars. 

costa rica dental prices

Costa Rica Dental Prices for 2016

If you provide us with a dental plan and/or x-rays, the dentist can give you a more specific estimate. These Costa Rica Dental Prices are subject to change.

Martha and Kurt at Casa Laurin

Martha and Kurt at Casa Laurin

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To learn more and receive a call from me, complete the form on this site and I will call answer your questions about our Costa Rica Dental vacation.

Remember: Our service includes our tips and advice and help with things like in-country transportation, lodging and care in Costa Rica. We are available to you, 24/7 for your added convenience and security. And remember, there is no additional cost for our help. This is a personal service that only our dentists offer for those interested in Costa Rica Dental Tourism.

Costa Rica Dental Price Quote

27 Responses to Costa Rica Dental Prices

  1. Jasmine says:

    I’m looking into getting my teeth done, wanting a full set. Are they able to do implantation?

  2. Don Ashley says:

    I am considering getting a full set of Costa Rica implants. I would appreciate getting all of the info you can supply.

  3. Carol says:

    Looking to have total implants on top and bottom. I have been quoted 50,00 in the states. Can you tell me the cost there?

  4. Everything is cheaper there, not simply dental work-but a great many cosmetic surgeries that are other.

    • admin says:


      Yes, you are correct. Where we stayed during my Costa Rica dental vacation at the B&B, there was a lady and her daughter from Houston, TX who had come to Costa Rica for medical attention for the 16 year old daughter. She was having issues with sever acne and they had been there before and loved it so they were on a return trip. And while there, the mother was getting a dental checkup and some work done.


  5. Melanie says:

    Would you consider Costa Rica for your teenage child? My daughter needs all 4 wisdom teeth removed – bone graft for 2 upper laterals. Then after healing dental implants, then after healing 2 crowns. Born without those laterals. I would certainly be more apt to do this for myself in CR but do not know how to feel about it for a child although I’m looking at $15K here.

    • admin says:

      Hello Melanie,

      I would suggest that I refer you to the dentist and let him address your question. If you’ll send me your contact info, not here but to my private gmail address, i.e. kurtray, then I will forward your question to the dentist.

      I can tell you that during our trip to Costa Rica, there was a lady and her daughter staying at the same B&B as we were. They were from Houston, TX. The mom had dental work while there but her daughter had medical work on her skin at a dermatologist. So, it’s not your situation exactly, but similar and that’s why I shared it.


  6. Vickie elliott says:

    Enterested in total cost per dental implant. I have just completed one dental implant in Louisiana and would like to compare prices to decide if it would benefit me financially to travel to Costa Rica for remainder of dental work required

  7. glenda says:

    I want to get 2 implants with 3 crowns for my lower left jaw. This involves extraction of 3 teeth. 2 simple extraction and 1, #19 is broken off at the gum line…probably a surgical extraction. II have 4 other successful implants. Thank you very much for an estimate and dental recommendation.

    • admin says:

      Hi Glenda,

      I’d be glad to answer any question and send you some info to look at. Call, text or email me when you are ready.


  8. Kay Pozorski says:

    My 24 yr. old son needs up to 6 root canals, some extractions, crowns etc. We sent info to Prisma Dental, ( my husband went there 5 yrs. ago, had a lot of work done, implants. porcelain veneers, 12 root canals, etc. and got excellent care), and got price quotes from them, (looks like prices went up), but they don’t offer sedation dentistry. Can you refer me to a good dentist that offers this service?

  9. admin says:

    Hello Immigration Lawyers Ashford,

    Your post to my site:

    asking about a ‘form’ plugin is probably best answered by telling you to go to your WordPress site and do a search for ‘captcha’ at the Add Plugin page.

    Good luck,


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  14. connie gatley says:

    Have had 2 implant surgeries done on #15 and #20. Need the proper crowns to fit Zimmer 6.0×10 TSV and 3.3x10SV. Costs? Amount of time needed to complete job?

    Thank you for your return reply. C Gatley

    • Charlie says:

      …the cost of the abutment and permanent crown are 685.00 ea and would take @ 3-5 days to fabricate…more questions call 678.736.4136

  15. Hanna Baddaoui says:


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