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Costa Rica Dental Implants - Dr Mario
“Dr. Mario” is my Costa Rica Dentist for dental implants in Costa Rica who saved me $8,100 even after I bought my airline tickets for me and my wife and paid for our lodging. But the really important part is just who is my Costa Rica dentist? He is known by patients as “Dr. Mario” and here are some of his credentials:

  • Specialist in Implant Dentistry – Costa Rica Dental Tourism
  • University of Miami
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Specialist in Implant Dentistry, University of Miami School of Medicine, Center for Dental Implants, FL, USA. 1992 – 1994.
  • Director, Center for Dental Implants of Costa Rica
  • President and Founder, Congress of Implant Dentistry of Central America and Panama 1995-1997
  • Member of the Costa Rica Board of Perodontology; Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and Implant Dentistry.
  • Former Assistant Professor, University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospitals Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • International Speaker in Implant Dentistry.
  • Author of several articles in Implant Dentistry.
  • Dental School, University of Costa Rica, 1990.
  • General Practice Residency, C.C.S.S, Costa Rica 1991.
Costa Rica Dental Implants - Dental Chair

Costa Rica Dental Implants - Dental Chair - Dr. Mario

My “Costa Rica dentist”, Dr. Mario, currently performs over 1,000 implants a year.

About Costa Rica As A Destination for “Dental Vacations”:

Over the past few decades, Costa Rica and plastic surgery have been become almost interchangeable. For the wealthy who wish to have their surgery in private, Costa Rica has become an internationally recognized center for high quality cosmetic surgery. Many consider it the perfect place to have surgery due to its almost perfect weather and the peaceful natural surroundings in which to recuperate.

It is also less expensive. The typical Costa Rica Dental tourist is someone who expects the very best in dental care and cosmetic surgery and yet does not want to pay Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist prices.

Costa Rica dentistry continues to be recognized and appreciated by many in the movie and television industry as the preferred place for dental tourism not only because of the ultra-modern equipment and highly trained dental specialists, but also because of the lower cost, usually about 40% of what USA and Canadian prices are.

As a result, cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica has rocketed to the forefront as a destination where the famous and wealthy of the world have their bodies “nipped” and “tucked” in private by the world’s best surgeons. The same is true of cosmetic dentistry.



  • Full mouth cleaning – by highly trained dental hygienists
  • New laser teeth whitening – new process takes less than 1 hour with superb results
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Root canals
  • Composite fillings (bondings)
  • Dentures Dental Implants – traditional 2 stage protocol and
  • The new ADA approved 1 stage protocol, which will reduce the need for multiple visits to Costa Rica.

Facilities At Our Clinic:

    Parking  Accessible to disabled people
    Public transport access
    Disabled parking
    Patient bathroom
    Wireless access
    On-site pharmacy

Languages spoken

    English and Spanish

Private Insurance

      Private Patients Welcome Public Health Insurance Dental Plans Accepted


  • BIOMET 3i Education Program (International)
  • ICOI – International Congress of Oral Implantologists (International)
  • MTA – Medical Tourism Association (International)
  • Zimmer Dental Educational Program (International)
  • AO – Academy of Osseointegration (US)
  • AACD – American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (US)

For estimated costs, go to Costa Rica dental prices

To ask questions about my trip and what I had to deal with, us the ‘Contact Us’ link on this page.

Kurt Gross in Tennessee


4 Responses to Costa Rica Dentist

  1. Rosemary Sullivan says:

    I need 3 implants, 2 upper near front and one lower molar. I have had a bone graft on the 2 upper missing teeth and I would need 2 teeth plus a bridge on these uppers. The lower has no bone graft yet. I have had xrays done at the University of California San Francisco dental clinic and a consultation with a dentist. He sees no reason to do a bone graft on the lower as I have good bone structure. That would be up to dentist in Costa Rica. I need to know the total cost of this type of work. please contact me via email. Thank you in advance.

  2. Sheron says:

    I am interested on having implant done in Costa Rica but I am skeptical about it. I need one implant plus crown on the top left, 4 on the top right and two on the lower left. I would like to know full cost and how long I will have to stay and if there is a safe place to stay and safe transportation from the airport. Thank you in advance. I am trying to see to schedule for October.

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