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Help us get the word out about how great international dental tourism is as a dental affiliate and we’ll reward you.

Dental tourism is relatively new. Most people have no idea of the high quality of dental care available at very affordable dental prices.  Share this site with them and they’ll appreciate the savings, just like I did when I learned about it.

I heard about it from a friend and saved $8,100 even after paying for travel and lodging. It’s a natural thing – you find a service or product that you like and you tell a friend about it.  On the web, this action is referred to as being an ‘affiliate‘.

When I went to Costa Rica from the USA as an international dental patient and saw how great this new discovery was, I figured there must be thousands of Americans and Canadians who could benefit from knowing this, just like I did.  But as popular as the dental tourism industry is, how could I help them discover the industry?

Doing my research, I figured out a way to make this work as a business so that it would benefit other patients, the dentists and be profitable as an online concierge service so that marketing costs could be covered too.

This website is the result of that need as it provides a service to both the dentist and the patient at less cost than traditional dental overhead expenses that most dentists incur so it not only costs the patient nothing, we can offer additional services and savings to our referred patients than other dental services offer.

Furthermore, it only make sense that past patients will want to share their good fortune with others. Being an online business owner, I know about affiliate programs, so it was only natural to incentivize the international dental care business as well.

Now you can get paid $100 to share your discovery as our dental affiliate which makes sense because everyone wins.

The way I see business, I am rewarded for helping people get what they want.  Why can’t I also reward you too?  I want to help you, so if you will help me help others get what they want, i.e. affordable, professional dental care, I will help you get rewarded as our dental affiliate.

For each completed patient that you refer to my Costa Rica dental concierge business, I will give you $100. A completed patient is anyone who uses our service and and they travel for Costa Rica dental care with any of our Costa Rica dental clinic.

It’s win-win-win.  Your friend benefits, you benefit and we benefit.  Everyone wins! Except your local dentist, unless they refer someone here.  I wonder if they know anyone who needs dental care but can’t afford their dentist?  Nah, probably not. Self-denial is a powerful thing, you know.

Here’s how it works.  You refer someone to this website.  Then, tell me who your referral is (their name and email, and of course your name and contact info) and we will track their progress to completion.  That’s it.

When I get paid, you will too, that same day.  By the way, I do not use these referrals for anything else, so they will not be contacted nor sent anything. In fact, they will never know you sent them here, unless you tell them, of course.

I simply keep their information with your information so I know to pay you. Again, I do not email them or contact them in any way. So, in summary, your duties are simple:

That’s it, period.  And for each completed patient that I get paid on, you too will get paid.

You give up nothing except the effort of sending them to my website. I do all the work from there. Where else can you get $100 that easy?  I’ve not seen the place, have you? I’ll be pulling for you!

Kurt Gross

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