Dental Care In Costa Rica Is Affordable

I provide this free service to help those who have questions about how they are going to find the affordable dental care they need.

Medical and dental tourism are fairly new industries that are catching on in popularity for two main reasons: consumers are saving money and the services received are often better than those received locally.

The hidden costs of a doctor or dentist doing business in over regulated environments force prices out of reach for most people.

Dental Care In Costa Rica is much more affordable,and recovery in a tropical paradise is nice too!

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2 Responses to Dental Care In Costa Rica Is Affordable

  1. Kim Bellmer says:

    I would like help finding a reputable demtal implant dentist in Costa Rica and if it’s safe I’ve heard horror.stories

    • admin says:

      Hello Kim,

      I would be glad to answer any questions you might have. I too was very skeptical when I first heard of the idea. Looking back, I’m so glad I went. It was a wonderful experience not only because I saved $8,100 on what my local dentist wanted but we got a ‘free’ vacation out of it.

      You can call me at 865-466-9207 10am to 10pm EDT if you like.


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