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On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 8:45 PM, Diane M wrote:
Name: Diane M
Comment: My husband & I will be in Costa Rica the last 2 weeks of December this year, so I’m looking to price the cost for 4 individual implants
See ??_for details on all prices, but implants are $900 and the crown on each is $600.
to replace 4 upper front incisors on which the roots resorbed due to wearing braces as an adult, ?
_? you probably will need a bone graft and also you may need a sinus lift ($1,500) but the doctor would need to elaborate on this ?
? & 3 porcelain crowns on lower jaw molars ?
_? crowns are $400 to $600 depending on conditions, again the dentist can tell you more
?. Could such treatment be completed within my 2 week time frame? ?
_? Yes, that should be enough time
?In addition, I would need documentation proving that the services would be completed by properly licensed & credentialed dentists, ?
_? The two dentists I talk about have years of experience, are licensed, teach at universities and seminar, have their own ?clinics and can provide you plenty of credentials_ ?using FDA approved materials ?_ ?I don’t think that the FDA approves materials but I’m only saying that because I’ve heard that one brought up before. Lets address that with the dentist when we speak and make sure as I may be remembering this wrong. ?_
?only. Thank you for your assistance.?
_ ?Diane. please realize that I am someone who was a patient and now I simply help North American folks gather information so they can make a decision. I am an addition to your own research but in the end, it is you who must make the decision as to who to use and whether to even go. I know I was veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry concerned and had a lot of questions. After going I looked back and had to chuckle as to how worried I was about everything and how well it all turned out. It was a great experience and now I’m trying to pay forward the help a friend gave me when I was in your shoes. As we build our relationship, I hope you’ll find me as a helpful source to information both before you go, while you are there and after you get back. I look forward to hearing from you. I am on eastern time, and you can call anytime between 10:00am EDT and 11:00pm EDT. If I am in an appointment, I’ll simply ask you if I can call back, but 95% of the time, I am available as I work online in my JoyToLive business from wherever my computer is.

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