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Hello Grant,

Kurt here.  As you can see, I have included a copy of this reply to Charles Dennard, Dr. Mario’s Dental Facilitator.  Mr. Dennard can help with the points you mention, and more.

Charles was excellent in helping me with my two trips and you will find him to be very helpful.

If I can help you in any way about my experiences with my Costa Rica dental vacation including my dental care which was excellent, the assistance that Charles and the staff provided, lodging at the B&B which was great, etc, please feel free to call, text or email with any questions.



& Kurt Gross   865-382-3010

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Hello Kurt (?),

I’m just exploring the concept of Costa Rica for my dental implants.  I’ve had two full work ups/treatment proposals here in NE Ohio and two cursory “looks” by two other dentists.

The first two had x-rays, including panoramic, so I’m VERY likely a good candidate for the 10-12 implants I require/desire.  The last, a periodontist/surgeon, gave me a treatment plan that included socket grafting/augmentation for about 10 sockets, a four or so month wait, and then implants.

Problem is she requires 10 day of prophylatic Amoxicillin.  Despite my needs, which also include numerous root tip removals, the x-rays didn’t show dark areas, which would’ve indicated infections.  To make a long point short, I realize much/most of my immune system (yours, too) is tied up in the interaction of the intestinal flora with the intestinal walls and/or colon walls.

I suspect, with a little knowledge, that my body’s ability to resist degradation of the implant site/bone years from now depends that immune system.  Antibiotics MAY  have short term benefit (but NOT necessarily so with low risk patients that take no meds, have no disease conditions and have a proven resistance to infections, like myself), but I won’t trade that off for a disruption of that flora and the immune system with antibiotics.  One size doesn’t fit all.

I might be open to ONE dose before either grafting or implant placement (note: there are two or three natural antibiotics I would probably use on my own.)  This is a “light” inquiry, so don’t spend too much time with me, at least as yet.  Despite confidence in my immune function and resistance to infection, 10-12 implants would seem to warrant careful planning and selection of the dental professional.

Dr. XXX’s success rate is 96-97%, but I”m not sure of the time frame.  I MIGHT be able to help persuade her to reconsider her antibiotic requirement, but it doesn’t seem so at this point.  Perhaps you should suggest that when I’m more definite in my desire to come to Costa Rica for the work, to let you know.  That would be fine.

Regards, Grant

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