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Hi Karen,

I am answering your email, below.  I know how you feel. I felt the same apprehension when I was facing high dental care here in the USA.  I found the Costa Rica dental experience to be excellent. We had two wonderful vacations – between appointments – and even after airfare I saved $8,100.

More details are on my site – link below.  In short, I had a most excellent experience with “Dr. Mario” as we came to call him. He knows his stuff and I was most impressed with him. He has a very nice spirit and explains things very well. I learned a lot about the process with him. 

The whole staff was nice, but the most surprisingly pleasant part of the process was the dental facilitator who helped us while we were there. His name is Charlie and he was most helpful. It was reassuring that someone was there to look after us. He was at our beck and call. He met us when we arrived, took us out to eat, taught us ‘the ropes’, etc.  It was way beyond anything I expected or could have hoped for.

Also, the Costa Rica B&B we stayed at is owned and operated by a Canadian lady named Ginette and she was very helpful, too.  She knows how to deal with Costa Rica dental patients and her breakfasts are fantastic – all included in the room prices too.

After returning home, I was so stuck by how good the whole experience was, I started a blog about it and have pictures there, too.  Check the link below to go there, if you like?

If you don’t mind, would you please tell me how you found me? It helps to know for marketing purposes.
Since I now work with ‘Dr. Mario’ and his staff to help him get word out to folks about their service, I would be glad to help you, if you like. There is no cost to you as it’s part of Dr. Mario’s service.  Just let me know if you want help and I’ll be glad to help you get answers, etc.  

If you go through me, I can offer extras you can’t get elsewhere such as probably get you free airfare too. We can talk about the details of all this and anything you need or questions you have, if you like.  Just let me know.

You can call any time between 10:00am EST and 11:30pm EST.

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My name is Karen, and I am a Canadian who has come across Dr. Mario in Costa Rica for extensive dental work. I was told the total amount here in Ontario for the dental work need is 50,000-60,000. I have been doing extensive research and considering seeing Dr. Mario to do the work, but I am apprehensive about travelling out of the Country for the work. Could you please tell me what you had done, and if you do have any before and after photos that would be most appreciated. Any info would be great.


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