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Q: What is the cost for implants?
A: Usually $650 – $850, but of course it depends on your situation.  See
If you have x-rays and/or a dental plan from your dentist, that would help greatly. Most dentists will email those to you if you call their office and ask. If available, please email them to me and the Dental Facilitator, Charles Dennard. Charles will be able to give you specific help and get further detail from the Dental Implant Specialist.

Q: I understand it takes 3 steps.
A: It can be done in one, sometimes two visits. It’s my understanding that 30% of patients are candidates for “immediate load implants”. For me, I had bone loss as I had two implants where a bridge had crossed over two teeth that had been gone since 1973, so I needed two visits.

Q:  Where did you stay?
A: We stayed at Ginette is the owner and she was fantastic. I highly recommend her place. Call her and you’ll understand. She is a jewel. And the breakfasts are included and they are great! Such wonderful fruits, too.

Q:  Did your dentist speak English?
A:  He speaks perfect English. He went to dental school in Miami, FL and he is the perfect stereotype of what you’d picture of a Hollywood dentist you’d see in a movie. I liked him and was very impressed. I spoke with other dentists in Costa Rica and he’s considered the best at implants.

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