Dental Tourism Costa Rica

Dental Tourism Costa Rica means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures which are more affordable than in your own country.

International Dental Tourism is a growing segment of the dental care industry and world class dental clinics exist throughout San Jose, Costa Rica.  Many have USA trained dentists and dental implant specialists, dental design and cosmetic dentistry specialists who are sought out by international patients from all over the world.

Affordability is what opens the mind to this growing trend and the good reputation of the many Costa Rica dentists is what completes the process for many international dental vacationers.

In short, Dental Tourism Costa Rica enables American and Canadian patients to save money on dental treatments while exploring and vacationing in Cost Rica.

In my opinion, Dental Tourism Costa Rica is the best way to save without compromising on quality.  I was someone who was facing huge dental expenses but I have no clue that such a huge and thriving dental care industry existed in Costa Rica.

As this site explains, my wife and I returned from a very nice Costa Rica dental vacation and started this blog to spread the word to others that there is an alternative to high cost, quality dental care.

Our goal here is to provide our site visitor with free information on how they can find affordable dental treatment in Costa Rica from the highly qualified and experienced professionals. We do NOT arrange for your travel and tours in Costa Rica. That would compromise our independence.

Instead, we share our experience, both as a pre-patient American seeking dental care with no clue as to what we were doing or what to look for, AND as a post-patient business owner providing a dental concierge service that focuses on sharing information, not booking room, cars, flights, etc. to earn a commission.

We invite you to chat with us, either online through the “Live” chat links, via email, telephone, text or whatever other means you find that is best for you.  One note about this topic, i.e. speaking in person is by far the most efficient method. You will learn more and get the information you seek quicker as well, but each person has their preference and it matters not to us.

The Costa Rica dentists we connect you with have been screened by us, however, it is up to YOU to make the final decision.  Yes, we have extensive experience, both as a patient and as international travelers and online business owners, but you are the one who must sift through all the information and make the decision that is best for you.

The service we provide is designed to share information to help you make the best decision for you. ONLY YOU can determine that. To tell you otherwise would be wrong, and frankly, an insult to your intelligence.  As you can tell, we pull no punches and we speak direct. Isn’t that what you are looking for, honesty and direct information?

I look forward to meeting you and sharing our experience as you start on a journey that I believe will enrich you, not only in helping you get your confident smile back, but in life enriching ways that you will discover as beautiful Costa Rica and it’s people come into your life.

Kurt Gross
. . . smiling because my teeth are beautiful again and because I have an extra $8,100 in my bank account that would not have been there had I not been open to the idea of Dental Tourism Costa Rica style.

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