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  1. Leslie Bernal says:

    I am going to Costa Rica in January for Dental Implants. Decided to use Dr. Francisco Dittell in Cartego. Does anyone recommend a hotel near the office? This is the address listed…
    iSmile Costa Rica
    Bº Los Ángeles,
    275m North from Centro
    de Pinturas Protecto
    Cartago, Costa Rica
    We will need WI-FI, air conditioning, a restaurant and American TV 😉
    Thank you

  2. perry says:

    what type implants are used; manufacturer and models?

  3. admin says:

    Several American guests traveled to Costa Rica in December and January and I am working with a few others who expect to start their Costa Rica dental vacation in March.

    All feedback from them is good and I look forward to hearing from them with feedback I can post here. People get busy when they return and getting them to pause long enough to provide feedback is something I’m working on getting better at. 🙂


  4. says:

    Ginette has upgraded the Casa Laurin Bed & Breakfast by moving to a new location which is nearby Dr. Mario’s clinic.

    She is happy with it and I look forward to staying at the new location this coming December when I return.

    Kurt Gross

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