Free Airfare Offer

Free Airfare – Up to $500 maximum reimbursement for dental patients with at least $8,000 in dental care

Free Round Trip Airfare *

I know how it can feel to consider traveling away from home to get dental care. I found it daunting at first glance, but when I had someone who lived in San Jose, worked with the dentist both as a customer and as his Dental Facilitator, and found out he was born and lived in the USA, that made me feel much more comfortable with proceeding.

I must say too, when I found out that I could get my airfare paid for, that was an unexpected surprise.  To get your airfare paid for as part of our  support on your Costa Rica dental vacation, we offer to cover your airfare, up to $500 maximum, as part of our program.

First, we will work with you personally to facilitate your needs in making your travel travel plans.

Our team of in-country patient coordinators are available to help you plan every facet of your trip and keep it within your budget.  We also can help provide and arrange any special assistance you may need.

Based on your local dental treatment plan and a consultation with Dr. Mario, you will receive a price and the estimated time to complete the work. Once you have approved of the treatment plan, your appointments will be scheduled to coincide with your stay in Costa Rica.

So that you qualify for the airfare rebate, here are some things to remember:

  • You must make your initial contact through us and this site in order to qualify for the airfare rebate, and
  • Questions about your dental care will be answered by Dr. Mario and staff.  We will set up your consultation with Dr. Mario and staff after we help you with some initial things to get in order. This saves the dental staff from dealing with preliminaries that are non-dental related.  Then, if you have any questions about your dental care, you will have direct access to Dr Mario’s office to discuss them at that time. First, let’s get you setup and ready.
  • Dr Mario himself will be available to talk with you, at no cost, by telephone appointment after we get you setup.
  • In order to qualify for an airfare credit your treatment cost must meet a minimum of $8,000 (USD). The maximum airfare credit that will be applied to your treatment cost based on your purchased round-trip airfare ticket is $500 (USD). In order to realize the full benefit of this airfare credit we encourage you to book at least 2 weeks, and if possible, 30 days prior to departure as this typically helps you get lower pricing with the airlines.

* Free Airfare based on a maximum $500 round trip airfare ticket.  The airfare rebate is only offered through our service when you use us to schedule all of your dental appointments

Remember, if you choose to schedule yourself you will not be eligible for the airfare rebate.  This has happened for whatever reasons, and that’s why we make such a big deal about this point.  We apologize for repeating this point, but we don’t want you to miss the airfare rebate.

As stated before, our service does not effect your dental cost IN ANY WAY.  We work with Dr Mario exclusively and your airfare rebate is contingent upon our participation.


2 Responses to Free Airfare Offer

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  2. Grant says:

    Hello Kurt (?),
    I’m just exploring the concept of Costa Rica for my dental implants. I’ve had two full work ups/treatment proposals here in NE Ohio and two cursory “looks” by two other dentists. The first two had x-rays, including panoramic, so I’m VERY likely a good candidate for the 10-12 implants I require/desire. The last, a periodontist/surgeon, gave me a treatment plan that included socket grafting/augmentation for about 10 sockets, a four or so month wait, and then implants. Problem is she requires 10 day of prophylatic Amoxicillin. Despite my needs, which also include numerous root tip removals, the x-rays didn’t show dark areas, which would’ve indicated infections. To make a long point short, I reallize much/most of my immune system (yours, too) is tied up in the interaction of the intestinal flora with the intestinal walls and/or colon walls. I suspect, with a little knowledge, that my body’s ability to resist degradation of the implant site/bone years from now depends that immune system. Antibiotics MAY have short term benefit (but NOT necessarily so with low risk patients that take no meds, have no disease conditions and have a proven resistance to infections, like myself), but I won’t trade that off for a disruption of that flora and the immune system with antibiotics. One size doesn’t fit all. I might be open to ONE dose before either grafting or implant placement (note: there are two or three natural antibiotics I would probably use on my own.) This is a “light” inquiry, so don’t spend too much time with me, at least as yet. Despite confidence in my immune function and resistance to infection, 10-12 implants would seem to warrant careful planning and selection of the dental professtional. Dr. XXX’s success rate is 96-97%, but I”m not sure of the time frame. I MIGHT be able to help persuade her to reconsider her antibiotic requirement, but it doesn’t seem so at this point. Perhaps you should suggest that when I’m more definite in my desire to come to Costa Rica for the work, to let you know. That would be fine. Regards, Grant T

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