Osseointegrated Dental Implants

OSSEOINTEGRATED: The apparent direct attachment or connection of osseous tissue to an inert, alloplastic material without intervening connective tissue.

If you have dentures, you are aware of the discomfort, even suffering, associated with dentures that do not stay in place when eating and talking. This can lead to loss of self confidence and cause mental and physical suffering as well.

There are many problems associated with dentures and older, more conventional restorations. And, construction of dental bridges require cutting and grinding of adjacent, otherwise healthy teeth.

Once the natural teeth are lost, the bone in which they once were now begins to shrink from lack of use. This process, known as bone atrophy, is similar to muscle atrophy. The bone, just like the muscle, will waste away when it is no longer used.

Bone atrophy will alter facial appearance and usually will necessitate the periodic replacement of dentures. Bone loss leads to functional and cosmetic deterioration of the oral and dental structures.

With implants and with the new tooth in place, now the bone receives the pressure from eating and this use is what stimulates the bone to maintain it’s structure, keeping your jaw healthier and your facial shape.

In dental implants, osseointegration is when the bone grows to the implant surface with no soft tissue between the bone and the surface of the implant.  Thus there is no scar tissue in between the bone and implant.

This can be verified microscopically. When the bone and the implants are “osseointegrated“, the implant is tightly held in place by the bone. Normal time required for this process is normally between four and six months for the implant dentist to complete the restorations.

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