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I Saved $8,100 on my dental care with a Costa Rica Dental Vacation

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Marilyn, sorry about your bad experience with Prisma, and thank you for sharing it. I was considering them too. I need a sinus lift, mandibular bone graft, and many implants. I emailed several dentist, and was surprised to find out all of them do bone graft and implant placement at the same time.
It is not recommended here in US. Especially for the sinus lift.

All of them are using the cheapest bone graft (bovine), which normally takes at least 8-12 month to integrate in the bone. This type of the bone graft has higher failure rate, and is not as well researched as allograft (cadaver) bone graft mostly used in US. The best bone graft is your own bone, but it is not often used even here, because of possible additional
complication, and much higher costs.

I did an extensive researched on the dental implants, as you can see. I am tempted to go to Costa Rica or elsewhere, because there is no way I will ever will be able to afford $60,000 on my teeth (that’s what I was quoted here).

There are only five surgeons recognized in Costa Rica to do Bone grafts. I also had a horrible experience with PRISMA dental, and would advise others to run from them. They are very skilled at using the Internet for their benefit, but they do not have the training and skills for dental implants.

The dentist you used Kurt is one of only five dentists recognized by the colegia of Cirujanos in Costa Rica ( the college of surgeons).


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What is healthy fun? One answer is when you combine travel and Costa Rica dental care.

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There are photos, articles, vacation ideas, research data and much more about lighthouses.


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Dental Question – Michael Fife

Name: Michael
Email: <removed for privacy>
Phone (optional):  <removed for privacy>
Comments (optional): I would love to talk to you, by phone, as soon as
possible. I have a situation where I need to establish appointment
availability and make a decision on a dentist, quickly
IP Address: <removed for privacy>
Origin Page: http://costaricadentalimplants.org/


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[Costa Rica Dental Implants] New User Registration

Hi CranfieldByerly678

I received notice that you visited my site www.CostaRicaDentalimplants.org

If I can help answer any questions, feel free to contact me.



Kurt Gross   865-382-3010 

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Dental Questions – Jack Lucas @ Fri Jun 1, 2012

Hi Jack,

When you wrote me about a Costa Rica dental vacation, I inserted the info in my calendar to remind me to followup with you, so here I am.

How is the new job? How are your dental issues?  And how the heck are you in general?

If you’ll tell me when to followup again, I’ll put your request in my calendar and check in on you again. And of course if you don’t want that service, let me know that too and I’ll stand down. I want to service you, not pester you.

Travel, save and smile again,

<- pre-dental work!
Kurt Gross
Travel, Save, & Smile Again
:  www.CostaRicaDentalimplants.org 

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To: Kurt Gross <dentalimplantsincostarica@gmail.com>

Followup : Jack Lucas (CRDI.org)


Kurt Gross

Jack Lucas
I am considering coming to Costa Rica on a dental vacation sometime in 2012, …

Nov 5
[Available] Kurt
Hello Jack, I have addressed your questions below. My comments are in green. …

Nov 6
[Available (video enabled)] Kurt Gross
Hi Jack, ( couldn’t resist the pun, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all your lif…

Nov 30 (1 day ago)
Jack Lucas jack_j_lucas@yahoo.com to me

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Yes, you have answered my questions for now. Per my earlier correspondence, due to my new job I won’t be in the position to really make a decision as to which way to go until sometime late summer, 2012 at the earliest. For example, I found out just last week that although I will be accruing vacation time, I won’t be allowed to use it for the first six months on the job (and even then I’ll only have limited accrued days available … likely not enough to make an out of the country dental vacation viable).

Thank you though for the information and your responsiveness. If I decide to proceed further, I will contact you when the time comes (as your emails have all been archived into a separate folder for easy reference).

To: jack_j_lucas@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: Questions for you
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Hi Jack, ( couldn’t resist the pun, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all your life!)

I was just following up to see if you got my email reply to your inquiry about traveling to Costa Rica for dental care.

Did I answer your questions? Have any other arose?

Happy trails . . .


Kurt & Martha Gross 865-382-3010

A new smile for less than half the price http://costaricadentalimplants.org

On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 1:04 AM, Kurt <kurtray@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Jack,

I have addressed your questions below. My comments are in green. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Feel free to call or email as needed. I am in Tennessee and 11:00am to 11:00pm EST is best.

Kurt Gross
865-382-3010 A new smile for less than half the price

Cc: Charles Dennard

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 10:56 PM, Jack Lucas <jack_j_lucas@yahoo.com> wrote:

I am considering coming to Costa Rica on a dental vacation If you plan to ‘vacate’ while on your dental care, Ginette owns the B&B we stayed at, and she was excellent at listening to what we wanted and assisting us in booking the local tours and trips we wanted. When the time comes, I’ll help you with that, if you like.

sometime in 2012, but I have several questions and some background information to share with you.

I am what dentists call “a grinder” as I have broken or chipped several porcelain crowns. My dentist in Southern California recently went to a new crown replacement material made primarily of zirconium. Is this an option for you to use? _Charles will address this question with you. My dentist says that porcelain is a bad fit for me because of my grinding, and if zirconium isn’t an option then a gold/porcelain combination would be best (gold on the surface, porcelain on the outside shell).

While I have 7 or 8 crowns that need to be replaced, my dentist has assured me that there is no underlying damage to these teeth (i.e., no cavities or toot canals needed). Good. That sounds like you already have a work up plan. This will be helpful. Charles will address this with you.

What is your cost for replacement crowns Did you visit the ‘prices’ portion of my site at http://costaricadentalimplants.org/costa-rica-dental-prices/ The prices there are guides. Charles, our Costa Rica Dental Coordinator can best address your specific questions.

and how long do they take to get back from the lab after impressions have been made and the prep work done? Dr. Mario has his own ‘in clinic’ lab, so there is not the normal delay involved. This helps reduce the time required in Costa Rica for you.

I also am missing three permanent teeth; two lowers and an upper molar. My dentist tells me that I am a great candidate for implants to replace these broken teeth, but to do the upper molar I’d first need a sinus lift. I too needed a sinus lift. My bone had atrophied as I had a bridge over #’s 12 and 13 since 1973. I return next month for the crowns to go on the implants placed there in my visit in June.

This though is the least of my concerns and a low priority.

I assume from what I’ve read online that you do dental implants too. Yes. Dr. Mario is an implant specialist and he is the owner of the dental clinic I used and recommend.

Aside from the upper molar (which needs a sinus lift done first), what is the cost you would charge me per implant and of course per crown to go over them afterwards? To get a specific estimate that fits your case, you need a work up. Charles will be able to guide you in this area.

Given the above, how many days would I need to be Costa Rica for you to complete the work? Charles will be able to answer this once a work up has been completed.

My primary concern is cost,

That’s what motivated me to look into traveling to Costa Rica, too.

although I do have out of network dental coverage (with an annual max).

I am a serious candidate for your services. Please email me back; I’m thinking mid-summer 2012 to come down. Thanks!+

I have forwarded a copy of this email to Charles in Costa Rica so he can contact you with answers and help guide you to solutions. Feel free to contact either of us anytime. Kurt
Kurt Gross

A new smile for less than half the price

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
— Galileo

Reply More
[Available] Kurt kurtray@gmail.com to Jack, bcc: me show details 5:18 PM (23 hours ago)

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep your information, too. One thing to keep in mind, i.e. they don’t have all the vacations we have, eg. President’s Day, Memorial Day, etc., so it’s possible a 3 or 4 day weekend may be enough to make an initial trip.

Of course that depends on your situation. If you have a dental work up, either now or done in the future, get a copy of it, e.g. by email of x-rays, or a scanned work up done by your local dentist. Then I can forward it to Dr. Mario and he can give you a better idea of what’s needed, how much time, money, etc.

Preparation is good, and you can never do enough of it too early.

Meanwhile, all the best on the new job.

Happy trails . . .


Martha & Kurt Gross


A new smile for less than half the price

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” — Sir Winston Churchill

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[Available] Reply by chat to Kurt




You are receiving this email at the account dentalimplantsincostarica@gmail.com because you set a reminder for this event on the calendar dentalimplantsincostarica@gmail.com.

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Costa Rica Dental Implants – New User Registration


I saw that you visited our site a while back as a “new user registration”. I welcome your presence and I look forward to reading your comments and hearing from you.

Any time you have questions, feel free to call, text, chat or email.  They are the new smoke signals of our time. Of course good old-fashioned talking will get you the most information in the shortest time.

I am here to help get you the information you need and want. I was in your shoes once, I know how you feel. I found that talking to as many people as I could yielded me the most information. Often it prompted me to ask questions I would never thought of.

I am in gratitude to those who helped me, and I hope I can pay their help forward to help you.

I welcome you to re-visit my sites listed below and I stand-by to serve you.

Happy trails . . .


Martha & Kurt Gross   865-382-3010

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Dental Questions – Oracle Wext

2012-03-16 Oracle called from visiting my site; she needs wisdom teeth removed; she will request info from her dentist; she wants Charlie to call her; Kurt sent info to Charlie via email

2012-05-17 Kurt called. A lady said that Oracle had her teeth extracted here locally in Knoxville.

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Dental Questions – Grant

Hello Grant,

Kurt here.  As you can see, I have included a copy of this reply to Charles Dennard, Dr. Mario’s Dental Facilitator.  Mr. Dennard can help with the points you mention, and more.

Charles was excellent in helping me with my two trips and you will find him to be very helpful.

If I can help you in any way about my experiences with my Costa Rica dental vacation including my dental care which was excellent, the assistance that Charles and the staff provided, lodging at the B&B which was great, etc, please feel free to call, text or email with any questions.



& Kurt Gross   865-382-3010

Author : Grant T
E-mail : <removed for privacy>

Hello Kurt (?),

I’m just exploring the concept of Costa Rica for my dental implants.  I’ve had two full work ups/treatment proposals here in NE Ohio and two cursory “looks” by two other dentists.

The first two had x-rays, including panoramic, so I’m VERY likely a good candidate for the 10-12 implants I require/desire.  The last, a periodontist/surgeon, gave me a treatment plan that included socket grafting/augmentation for about 10 sockets, a four or so month wait, and then implants.

Problem is she requires 10 day of prophylatic Amoxicillin.  Despite my needs, which also include numerous root tip removals, the x-rays didn’t show dark areas, which would’ve indicated infections.  To make a long point short, I realize much/most of my immune system (yours, too) is tied up in the interaction of the intestinal flora with the intestinal walls and/or colon walls.

I suspect, with a little knowledge, that my body’s ability to resist degradation of the implant site/bone years from now depends that immune system.  Antibiotics MAY  have short term benefit (but NOT necessarily so with low risk patients that take no meds, have no disease conditions and have a proven resistance to infections, like myself), but I won’t trade that off for a disruption of that flora and the immune system with antibiotics.  One size doesn’t fit all.

I might be open to ONE dose before either grafting or implant placement (note: there are two or three natural antibiotics I would probably use on my own.)  This is a “light” inquiry, so don’t spend too much time with me, at least as yet.  Despite confidence in my immune function and resistance to infection, 10-12 implants would seem to warrant careful planning and selection of the dental professional.

Dr. XXX’s success rate is 96-97%, but I”m not sure of the time frame.  I MIGHT be able to help persuade her to reconsider her antibiotic requirement, but it doesn’t seem so at this point.  Perhaps you should suggest that when I’m more definite in my desire to come to Costa Rica for the work, to let you know.  That would be fine.

Regards, Grant

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Dental Questions – Karen S

Hi Karen,

I am answering your email, below.  I know how you feel. I felt the same apprehension when I was facing high dental care here in the USA.  I found the Costa Rica dental experience to be excellent. We had two wonderful vacations – between appointments – and even after airfare I saved $8,100.

More details are on my site – link below.  In short, I had a most excellent experience with “Dr. Mario” as we came to call him. He knows his stuff and I was most impressed with him. He has a very nice spirit and explains things very well. I learned a lot about the process with him. 

The whole staff was nice, but the most surprisingly pleasant part of the process was the dental facilitator who helped us while we were there. His name is Charlie and he was most helpful. It was reassuring that someone was there to look after us. He was at our beck and call. He met us when we arrived, took us out to eat, taught us ‘the ropes’, etc.  It was way beyond anything I expected or could have hoped for.

Also, the Costa Rica B&B we stayed at is owned and operated by a Canadian lady named Ginette and she was very helpful, too.  She knows how to deal with Costa Rica dental patients and her breakfasts are fantastic – all included in the room prices too.

After returning home, I was so stuck by how good the whole experience was, I started a blog about it and have pictures there, too.  Check the link below to go there, if you like?

If you don’t mind, would you please tell me how you found me? It helps to know for marketing purposes.
Since I now work with ‘Dr. Mario’ and his staff to help him get word out to folks about their service, I would be glad to help you, if you like. There is no cost to you as it’s part of Dr. Mario’s service.  Just let me know if you want help and I’ll be glad to help you get answers, etc.  

If you go through me, I can offer extras you can’t get elsewhere such as probably get you free airfare too. We can talk about the details of all this and anything you need or questions you have, if you like.  Just let me know.

You can call any time between 10:00am EST and 11:30pm EST.

dental questions Kurt & Martha

Martha & Kurt Gross   865-382-3010

Travel, Save, & Smile Again:www.CostaRicaDentistReview.com


My name is Karen, and I am a Canadian who has come across Dr. Mario in Costa Rica for extensive dental work. I was told the total amount here in Ontario for the dental work need is 50,000-60,000. I have been doing extensive research and considering seeing Dr. Mario to do the work, but I am apprehensive about travelling out of the Country for the work. Could you please tell me what you had done, and if you do have any before and after photos that would be most appreciated. Any info would be great.


Karen <removed for privacy>

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