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Hi Charlie,

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Have had 2 implant surgeries done on #15 and #20.  Need the proper crowns to fit Zimmer 6.0×10 TSV and 3.3x10SV.  Costs? Amount of time needed to complete job?

Thank you for your return reply.  Connie Gatley

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Dental Questions Oliver

Hello HempflingTruog578 or is it Oliver?

Now that you have visited our site, if you have any further questions about our trip to Costa Rica for dental care, feel free to call, text or email.

Happy Easter,


Martha & Kurt Gross   865-382-3010

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Dental Questions Gary Christopher

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the update. 


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After much thought I have started my dental work with a local implant dental office,  The fact that I already have 5 implants with a permanently cemented 4 tooth bridge complicated my treatment and favored a local specialist.
Therefore I will not be needing your services,
Thanks and if asked by anyone needing implants etc. I will give them your contact info
Gary Christopher

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On Mar 28, 2012, at 8:29 PM, “Charles Dennard” wrote:
For your scheduling Dr Mario will be out of his dental office on these dates:
For more info on prices and procedures, published articles and Dr Mario’s bio
Charlie Dennard
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Dental Questions – Sandy

Q: What is the cost for implants?
A: Usually $650 – $850, but of course it depends on your situation.  See
If you have x-rays and/or a dental plan from your dentist, that would help greatly. Most dentists will email those to you if you call their office and ask. If available, please email them to me and the Dental Facilitator, Charles Dennard. Charles will be able to give you specific help and get further detail from the Dental Implant Specialist.

Q: I understand it takes 3 steps.
A: It can be done in one, sometimes two visits. It’s my understanding that 30% of patients are candidates for “immediate load implants”. For me, I had bone loss as I had two implants where a bridge had crossed over two teeth that had been gone since 1973, so I needed two visits.

Q:  Where did you stay?
A: We stayed at Ginette is the owner and she was fantastic. I highly recommend her place. Call her and you’ll understand. She is a jewel. And the breakfasts are included and they are great! Such wonderful fruits, too.

Q:  Did your dentist speak English?
A:  He speaks perfect English. He went to dental school in Miami, FL and he is the perfect stereotype of what you’d picture of a Hollywood dentist you’d see in a movie. I liked him and was very impressed. I spoke with other dentists in Costa Rica and he’s considered the best at implants.

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Dental Vacation

Last year my wife and I learned what a dental vacation is. I must admit, those are two terms I never thought of putting together on my own.

It turns out, it’s a good thing, kinda like Einstein’s relativity. It actually has nothing to do with science and physics, but having a ‘dental vacation‘ is better than having a dental-stay-at-home-and-empty-your-pockets non-vacation.

It’s my birthday today and I am thankful that I don’t feel as old as I am! And looking back on last year, I am thankful for many things, the highlight of which was our second grandson was born.

And among the other things I am grateful for is my wife, my family, my health and that I was able to get my smile back on my dental vacation to Costa Rica.

We had such a nice experience in Costa Rica that we now want to return for a good ole fashioned vacation, not that a dental vacation was a bad thing, but traveling in the tropics has it’s benefits even when it’s in between Costa Rica dental appointments.

Kurt Gross

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Testimony of Affordable International Dental Care

This is a testimony of affordable international dental care from a patient of Dr. Mario:

So you need extensive Dental work, you’re thinking about, thinking about … Dental Tourism?

So did I. Maybe I can help shed some light on that for you. Let me state up front, no disrespect to the American Dental profession is intended or implied.

. . . Some years ago I read an article . .  about Medical Tourism … specifically, hi-end Dentistry and Dr Mario in Costa Rica.

I say ‘hi-end’ Dentistry because we’re probably not talking about just a couple of fillings here. Being in the health care field myself, the offshore concept intrigued me so have since spent considerable time researching and educating myself on that. I did the Dental Tourism, although not much touring this time, and am quite pleased with the entire experience.

I don’t recall exactly how I hooked-up with Charlie . . .  very close to a year ago now. Charlie’s title is ‘US Patient Coordinator’, I would add ‘Concierge’. He stayed in frequent, for the circumstances, phone and email contact . He developed a profile on me, answered questions, offered council, stuck with me all the way.

When I finally made the decision he offered to book the flight, lodging and made recommendations.  He offered to set-up extra-curricular activities i.e. tours, beach, fun stuff. He had a car & driver meet me at San Jose Airport, took me to the hotel, made sure that went well and I was happy.

I’m not a pain in the butt Gringo by the way. He accompanied me on my first visit, made introductions, generally put me at ease. Charlie checked in with me frequently and was available for questions etc as was Dr Mario and staff. I should add that at no time did I feel uncomfortable with Dr Mario and staff.

On the contrary, I felt more as a guest and experienced no real language barrier.

You’ve read my conclusion of the journey, let me tell you how I got there. Charlie convinced me, although not a huge leap for me, to send my ‘pan’ views (x-rays) to the Dr and at least hear what he had to say. In my mind, I had nothing to loose. Having received a couple of proposals from local Dentists, I had comparisons.

While I was ‘checking-out’ Dr Mario I ran across another hi-profile Costa Rican Dentist (Dr B), who also asked for the same pan views. I sent them. One of his assistants
promptly replied with a detailed proposal, fee schedule, recommended lodgings and qualified discounts, basically what amounted to a package deal with options.

I spoke with Dr B’s Costa Rican assistant via phone and email a few times re clarifications. I informed her, as I informed every one of my ‘opinion’ Dr’s, that I was seeking additional opinions including from Costa Rican Dentists. American Dentists, to their credit, remained steadfast in their fees and proposal(s) but did attempt to plant doubt in my mind about going to a foreign country to have something on this magnitude performed. Good point.

Just think of all the ‘what if’s’ re having all this done off shore. Good points all. Another good point; I still practice full-time and I’m really going to leave my office for a week to fly off to some foreign country to do WHAT ?

I pondered this thing for months, waffled back & forth, came close to scrapping the offshore concept a couple of times. My condition not getting any better and I’m a Dental coward. All the while Charlie was in the background checking periodically, not being pushy. I think he probably knew I was teetering.

He addressed my doubts and concerns American to American. On the few occasions he did not have quality feedback he would say so, that he’d get back to me soon re that and he did.

Dentist B’s proposal/package was attractive, fees were even a little less. But they just didn’t have quite the grasp of dealing with an American, at least not this American.

Dr. Mario, an American educated Costa Rican, is every bit the competent, considerate, friendly professional I expected. Same can be said for his associates and staff. Dr. Mario understands that to compete for the US patient he must offer it faster, cheaper, a better overall experience (no disrespect intended toward US Dentists). His Ace-in-the-hole is Charlie. We talked about that already.

Bottom line:  Charlie will work with you not on you. 

No one really wants to have hi-end Dentistry but since you do or know someone who does, I recommend you get in-touch with Charles. I got done in a week with Dr. Mario what would have taken months and many thousands of dollars more here in the US. Trip included, still have many thousands and valuable time.

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Dental Tourism Costa Rica

Dental Tourism Costa Rica means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures which are more affordable than in your own country.

International Dental Tourism is a growing segment of the dental care industry and world class dental clinics exist throughout San Jose, Costa Rica.  Many have USA trained dentists and dental implant specialists, dental design and cosmetic dentistry specialists who are sought out by international patients from all over the world.

Affordability is what opens the mind to this growing trend and the good reputation of the many Costa Rica dentists is what completes the process for many international dental vacationers.

In short, Dental Tourism Costa Rica enables American and Canadian patients to save money on dental treatments while exploring and vacationing in Cost Rica.

In my opinion, Dental Tourism Costa Rica is the best way to save without compromising on quality.  I was someone who was facing huge dental expenses but I have no clue that such a huge and thriving dental care industry existed in Costa Rica.

As this site explains, my wife and I returned from a very nice Costa Rica dental vacation and started this blog to spread the word to others that there is an alternative to high cost, quality dental care.

Our goal here is to provide our site visitor with free information on how they can find affordable dental treatment in Costa Rica from the highly qualified and experienced professionals. We do NOT arrange for your travel and tours in Costa Rica. That would compromise our independence.

Instead, we share our experience, both as a pre-patient American seeking dental care with no clue as to what we were doing or what to look for, AND as a post-patient business owner providing a dental concierge service that focuses on sharing information, not booking room, cars, flights, etc. to earn a commission.

We invite you to chat with us, either online through the “Live” chat links, via email, telephone, text or whatever other means you find that is best for you.  One note about this topic, i.e. speaking in person is by far the most efficient method. You will learn more and get the information you seek quicker as well, but each person has their preference and it matters not to us.

The Costa Rica dentists we connect you with have been screened by us, however, it is up to YOU to make the final decision.  Yes, we have extensive experience, both as a patient and as international travelers and online business owners, but you are the one who must sift through all the information and make the decision that is best for you.

The service we provide is designed to share information to help you make the best decision for you. ONLY YOU can determine that. To tell you otherwise would be wrong, and frankly, an insult to your intelligence.  As you can tell, we pull no punches and we speak direct. Isn’t that what you are looking for, honesty and direct information?

I look forward to meeting you and sharing our experience as you start on a journey that I believe will enrich you, not only in helping you get your confident smile back, but in life enriching ways that you will discover as beautiful Costa Rica and it’s people come into your life.

Kurt Gross
. . . smiling because my teeth are beautiful again and because I have an extra $8,100 in my bank account that would not have been there had I not been open to the idea of Dental Tourism Costa Rica style.

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Personal Concierge Services

Hello Suzy,

I was a patient. In going through the process I saw the need for Americans to know who they are going to see, what to expect, what to avoid, etc.

When we returned home in June, I started a blog about our experiences there and have since started helping Dr. Mario and another dentist in marketing their services online. I build websites for other businesses we own and thought I would help them and patients get a better idea of what to expect and what to look for, etc.

I don’t “work for” anyone, per se, but I do have my own website blog and work for myself. I do get paid to help them market their services but my services don’t add any cost to the dentist nor to the patient.

Because every dentist has admin costs, you could say they are “built into” every dental care service. The difference here is that I can provide the marketing services to Dr. Mario and others cheaper and better than their “in house” staff.

There are two main reasons the dentist prefers our dental concierge service: lower costs and better service to the patient.

Because we can work from our computer and smart phones anywhere in the world, our overhead is lower than that of a typical dentist with admin personnel in their retail space, employee support costs, etc., and we know both cultures, actually three, Canadian, American and Costa Rican.

So, the patient prices are better and the patient has someone to guide them through the necessary steps without engaging the dentist with the travel, customs, dental work up requests, etc.

Personally, what I liked about it as a patient was the fact that we had a person who met us in San Jose, Costa Rica and personally helped us with things like local transportation, dining out, lodging, language translation, etc. We were amazed at the service. Now we provide that to others.

The two main things to realize are that our services do not add any cost to the patient and that we are not sales people. You decide whether you want to come to the dentist in Costa Rica or not. We help you if you want our help and of course if you decide to come.

For those who have never owned a business, these concepts can seem difficult to grasp, but our services simply replace what any dentist has as expenses AND we can provide much better help with the non-dental issues because we know both your home culture and customs as well as those in Costa Rica, AND we are patients of the dentist.

I would not be recommending anyone that I did not know personally.

I hope this helps. I will say that the best way to gather information is to get on the phone or in person with someone. Reading about it and getting personal communication via voice are two different means of communication. A personal connection is far superior for getting informed than is written text.

We understand that some people are afraid to speak with anyone for fear of being pressured to buy something or just the concern about having your time taken up with a lot of irrelevant chatter. We are aware of these issues and are sensitive to what YOU want. Again, we do not “sell”, we “tell”. We do not convince, we explain. You ask questions and we answer them, if we can.

I know when I was looking at going to a “foreign country” for dental care, it was a daunting concept. After the fact, I realized how helpful having a personal dental facilitator was to my wife and I, and that is why I started this service.

I look forward to hearing from you, and if you feel better with email than talking, that is fine with us. I just wanted you to know that email is much more limited than talking with someone who has been there and gone through what you are evaluating.

Happy trails . . .

Kurt Gross


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yes, you did respond to my husband, sorry we were both looking up on internet–Were you a patient or do you work for the doctor or both?

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I think I responded to your husband’s request from my website, but in case that is not true, here is my contact info.

Let’s set up a time and I will be glad to call you and answer your questions. Let me know when and at what number to best reach you.

Happy trails . . .


Image removed by sender.

Martha & Kurt Gross

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Name: Suzy G***n

Email: **email-protected**

Message: my husband just had tooth #30 extracted. He needs a full implant restoration including crown (don’t know if this is worded correctly). We live in Raleigh, NC, and our dental insurance does not cover any of this! Thank you–Suzy

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Dental Care Discount

Dental Care Discount Is An Early Holiday Gift from Dr Mario:
Subtract 40% off your US or Canadian Dental Plan

Dr Mario owes the USA a great deal. Not only is he a graduate of the University of Miami Dental School, but his practice has been supported by thousands of USA and Canadian clients since 1998.

Recently he was chosen by Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a preferred provider for their dental policyholders through  its subsidiary Companion Global Dental.  This is a high honor.

Dr Mario is well aware of the economic crisis that has gripped the USA for the past few years. With the flow of USA and Canadian patients who come to his office everyday, he keeps current on the economic challenges that the average North American faces. He also knows that, for the most part, affordable dental care is even more outside the ability of a cash strapped family to afford.

We were talking about this in his office when he suggested that we make an early present to American and Canadian dental consumers:
40% off any US or Canadian adult dental plan for anyone referred through our service

This means that if you have a dental treatment plan from your dentist in the USA or Canada simply deduct 40% from the total for all standard dental procedures including bone grafts and sinus lifts.  For example, $10,000 becomes $6,000, $20,000 becomes $12,000, $30,000 becomes $18,000!

The key to enjoying the tremendous savings offered by Dr Mario is to complete your treatment plan with him by December 23rd, 2011.

As for my part in offering you savings on making your trip, I am working on arranging  discounts on hotel and B&B lodging.

Sometimes we are reluctant to act when it comes to our dental health as quickly as we should. Obviously finances can play a large role in that.

Now you have a window of opportunity to address those issues and realize tremendous savings at the same time. There are moments in time when we must act decisively, especially when it comes to dental health. One thing is for sure, it will only get worse and the ultimate cost will exponentially rise, not to mention that putting off dental care only increases the likelihood of more dental damage to your teeth.

I want to work with you to have that smile and dental health that has eluded many of you for years. So let’s not procrastinate anymore.

Let your holiday season begin with the ability to really enjoy all the parties and holiday meals that you will be invited to and even better, go to that New Years Eve party with a smile you can be proud of.

To review Dental Care Discount:

  • USA trained and educated dentist.
  • English speaking staff.
  • State-of-the-art-facility with its own laboratory.
  • Located in the Manhattan of San Jose, the best in shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
  • Dr Mario chosen as a preferred provider by Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for its US dental policyholders….
  • $500 airfare rebate on treatment plans over $7,500 after discount!
  • …and last but not least, you will have my undivided attention while you are here so your stay will be worry-free including meeting you at the airport, your first meal as my guest, 24/7 access, a personal walking tour, escorting you and introducing you to the dental staff and, if you are a good patient, my treat to the best Italian ice cream around!

Plus, there are vacation options available for the adventurous of you who want to explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Whether it’s before, after or in between appointments while you are getting the ‘perfect smile at the perfect price’, you are close to major natural attractions that include hiking the Arenal Volcano, relaxing in the hot springs of La Fortuna, zip-lining the rain forest of Monte Verde, white-water rafting the Pacuare, deep sea fishing in Quepos.

What more do you need to make that decision you have been postponing?

I am waiting to meet you in Costa Rica…Pura Vida….Charlie

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Dental Questions by Nomeda for Egidijus

Hello Nomeda,

On 2011-08-23 I received your inquiry about dental care in Costa Rica and I am following up on your inquiry for concierge services regarding any interest you have in researching a Costa Rica dental vacation.

I have been working with other clients and things are going well, but I have not heard from you and thought I would reach out to see if perhaps you lost my contact information.

If you are no longer interested, that’s fine, too, just let me know that so I can stop sending you follow up emails.

If you have any questions, either now or later down the road, feel free to contact us. If we can help you, we certainly will.

Thanks again,


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