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Hello Suzy,

I was a patient. In going through the process I saw the need for Americans to know who they are going to see, what to expect, what to avoid, etc.

When we returned home in June, I started a blog about our experiences there and have since started helping Dr. Mario and another dentist in marketing their services online. I build websites for other businesses we own and thought I would help them and patients get a better idea of what to expect and what to look for, etc.

I don’t “work for” anyone, per se, but I do have my own website blog and work for myself. I do get paid to help them market their services but my services don’t add any cost to the dentist nor to the patient.

Because every dentist has admin costs, you could say they are “built into” every dental care service. The difference here is that I can provide the marketing services to Dr. Mario and others cheaper and better than their “in house” staff.

There are two main reasons the dentist prefers our dental concierge service: lower costs and better service to the patient.

Because we can work from our computer and smart phones anywhere in the world, our overhead is lower than that of a typical dentist with admin personnel in their retail space, employee support costs, etc., and we know both cultures, actually three, Canadian, American and Costa Rican.

So, the patient prices are better and the patient has someone to guide them through the necessary steps without engaging the dentist with the travel, customs, dental work up requests, etc.

Personally, what I liked about it as a patient was the fact that we had a person who met us in San Jose, Costa Rica and personally helped us with things like local transportation, dining out, lodging, language translation, etc. We were amazed at the service. Now we provide that to others.

The two main things to realize are that our services do not add any cost to the patient and that we are not sales people. You decide whether you want to come to the dentist in Costa Rica or not. We help you if you want our help and of course if you decide to come.

For those who have never owned a business, these concepts can seem difficult to grasp, but our services simply replace what any dentist has as expenses AND we can provide much better help with the non-dental issues because we know both your home culture and customs as well as those in Costa Rica, AND we are patients of the dentist.

I would not be recommending anyone that I did not know personally.

I hope this helps. I will say that the best way to gather information is to get on the phone or in person with someone. Reading about it and getting personal communication via voice are two different means of communication. A personal connection is far superior for getting informed than is written text.

We understand that some people are afraid to speak with anyone for fear of being pressured to buy something or just the concern about having your time taken up with a lot of irrelevant chatter. We are aware of these issues and are sensitive to what YOU want. Again, we do not “sell”, we “tell”. We do not convince, we explain. You ask questions and we answer them, if we can.

I know when I was looking at going to a “foreign country” for dental care, it was a daunting concept. After the fact, I realized how helpful having a personal dental facilitator was to my wife and I, and that is why I started this service.

I look forward to hearing from you, and if you feel better with email than talking, that is fine with us. I just wanted you to know that email is much more limited than talking with someone who has been there and gone through what you are evaluating.

Happy trails . . .

Kurt Gross


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yes, you did respond to my husband, sorry we were both looking up on internet–Were you a patient or do you work for the doctor or both?

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I think I responded to your husband’s request from my website, but in case that is not true, here is my contact info.

Let’s set up a time and I will be glad to call you and answer your questions. Let me know when and at what number to best reach you.

Happy trails . . .


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Martha & Kurt Gross

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Message: my husband just had tooth #30 extracted. He needs a full implant restoration including crown (don’t know if this is worded correctly). We live in Raleigh, NC, and our dental insurance does not cover any of this! Thank you–Suzy

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