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Dental Care Discount

Dental Care Discount Is An Early Holiday Gift from Dr Mario: Subtract 40% off your US or Canadian Dental Plan Dr Mario owes the USA a great deal. Not only is he a graduate of the University of Miami Dental School, but … Continue reading

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Osseointegrated Dental Implants

OSSEOINTEGRATED: The apparent direct attachment or connection of osseous tissue to an inert, alloplastic material without intervening connective tissue. If you have dentures, you are aware of the discomfort, even suffering, associated with dentures that do not stay in place … Continue reading

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Dental Questions Regina Zarba Cranmer

2011-07-29 She has sent x-rays to (another Costa Rica dentist site); they told her they were “the worst they had seen”; she has a concern about going to any dentist, so she doesn’t want the pain, just get it done … Continue reading

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Costa Rica Dental Tourism

The purpose of this site is to get you in touch with the dentist. Please read the site first and then contact me with your name and contact info, and preferably with the work that you think you’ll need and … Continue reading

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