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Dental Questions – Jack Lucas @ Fri Jun 1, 2012

Hi Jack, When you wrote me about a Costa Rica dental vacation, I inserted the info in my calendar to remind me to followup with you, so here I am. How is the new job? How are your dental issues?  … Continue reading

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Dental Vacation

Last year my wife and I learned what a dental vacation is. I must admit, those are two terms I never thought of putting together on my own. It turns out, it’s a good thing, kinda like Einstein’s relativity. It … Continue reading

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Dental Questions Joel Lohrer 2011-08-03

2011-08-03 20:00 [Kurt] I haven’t got his phone number yet, but I’ll include it here when I get it and talk with him, plus I’ll clue you into the conversation highlights later.  He works in an oil field, somewhere. 2011-08-03 … Continue reading

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