Testimony of Affordable International Dental Care

This is a testimony of affordable international dental care from a patient of Dr. Mario:

So you need extensive Dental work, you’re thinking about, thinking about … Dental Tourism?

So did I. Maybe I can help shed some light on that for you. Let me state up front, no disrespect to the American Dental profession is intended or implied.

. . . Some years ago I read an article . .  about Medical Tourism … specifically, hi-end Dentistry and Dr Mario in Costa Rica.

I say ‘hi-end’ Dentistry because we’re probably not talking about just a couple of fillings here. Being in the health care field myself, the offshore concept intrigued me so have since spent considerable time researching and educating myself on that. I did the Dental Tourism, although not much touring this time, and am quite pleased with the entire experience.

I don’t recall exactly how I hooked-up with Charlie . . .  very close to a year ago now. Charlie’s title is ‘US Patient Coordinator’, I would add ‘Concierge’. He stayed in frequent, for the circumstances, phone and email contact . He developed a profile on me, answered questions, offered council, stuck with me all the way.

When I finally made the decision he offered to book the flight, lodging and made recommendations.  He offered to set-up extra-curricular activities i.e. tours, beach, fun stuff. He had a car & driver meet me at San Jose Airport, took me to the hotel, made sure that went well and I was happy.

I’m not a pain in the butt Gringo by the way. He accompanied me on my first visit, made introductions, generally put me at ease. Charlie checked in with me frequently and was available for questions etc as was Dr Mario and staff. I should add that at no time did I feel uncomfortable with Dr Mario and staff.

On the contrary, I felt more as a guest and experienced no real language barrier.

You’ve read my conclusion of the journey, let me tell you how I got there. Charlie convinced me, although not a huge leap for me, to send my ‘pan’ views (x-rays) to the Dr and at least hear what he had to say. In my mind, I had nothing to loose. Having received a couple of proposals from local Dentists, I had comparisons.

While I was ‘checking-out’ Dr Mario I ran across another hi-profile Costa Rican Dentist (Dr B), who also asked for the same pan views. I sent them. One of his assistants
promptly replied with a detailed proposal, fee schedule, recommended lodgings and qualified discounts, basically what amounted to a package deal with options.

I spoke with Dr B’s Costa Rican assistant via phone and email a few times re clarifications. I informed her, as I informed every one of my ‘opinion’ Dr’s, that I was seeking additional opinions including from Costa Rican Dentists. American Dentists, to their credit, remained steadfast in their fees and proposal(s) but did attempt to plant doubt in my mind about going to a foreign country to have something on this magnitude performed. Good point.

Just think of all the ‘what if’s’ re having all this done off shore. Good points all. Another good point; I still practice full-time and I’m really going to leave my office for a week to fly off to some foreign country to do WHAT ?

I pondered this thing for months, waffled back & forth, came close to scrapping the offshore concept a couple of times. My condition not getting any better and I’m a Dental coward. All the while Charlie was in the background checking periodically, not being pushy. I think he probably knew I was teetering.

He addressed my doubts and concerns American to American. On the few occasions he did not have quality feedback he would say so, that he’d get back to me soon re that and he did.

Dentist B’s proposal/package was attractive, fees were even a little less. But they just didn’t have quite the grasp of dealing with an American, at least not this American.

Dr. Mario, an American educated Costa Rican, is every bit the competent, considerate, friendly professional I expected. Same can be said for his associates and staff. Dr. Mario understands that to compete for the US patient he must offer it faster, cheaper, a better overall experience (no disrespect intended toward US Dentists). His Ace-in-the-hole is Charlie. We talked about that already.

Bottom line:  Charlie will work with you not on you. 

No one really wants to have hi-end Dentistry but since you do or know someone who does, I recommend you get in-touch with Charles. I got done in a week with Dr. Mario what would have taken months and many thousands of dollars more here in the US. Trip included, still have many thousands and valuable time.

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Date: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 8:34 PM
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